All about MEE!

New friends..

Today, I’d like to introduce you to some good friends of ours. They’re called Bannana and Cheese. And they’re cats, not food things.

I found them a few months ago, and was amazed by their illustrations – all us normal cat bloggers have to take photos, cos we can’t draw, but at Bananna and Cheese, Gail and CD can DRAW!!! and We’re so honoured that they drew a picture of us too!

And what’s different, is they write stories about their life. more

A very sad story

Furrends, I wanted to let you know about a terribly sad story that I read on a friends blog a while ago.

It’s about four cats, that all went mising on the same day! Hiro, Possum, Coffee and Coconut were all around and accounted for during lunch, and didn’t reappear for dinner! I think we’ve all experienced cats that stay out past their dinner occasionally, but when all four cats don’t come back, you’d have to feel a little strange. more

A kitty that walked 15,000km!