All about MEE!

Update on Elin (the cute cat)

Dear fellow kitties,

Do you remember Elin?

The cute cat named Elin

Well back in June, her home was robbed and she was stolen too, but escaped. Since then, she hasn’t posted at all, and it alwasys bothered me that she didn’t post again after that, and I was worried for her.

Well, I sent her an email, and SHE REPLIED!!! this is what she said:

I’m fine, thanks for concern =)

I rarely online now because I don’t have computers and modem anymore, and camera more

Toesies Tuesday

You think you’re tough enough to get me down from here??   Forget it monkey boy, I got enough food to last me for HOURS!

I don’t usually talk to my daddycat like this, but I’d just come in from outside, and I’m still wearing my walking jacket, and I feel a little tough!

Our local cat shelter, FOAL Farm

Yesterday, Mommycat and Dadcat went to FOAL farm – it’s our local animal sanctuary. FOAL stands for Friends of Animals League. FOAL is a no-kill shelter (I think they all are in England?) It was started in 1960, and occupies 26 acres! They also do goggies and wabbets, but I’m not interested in them…

Daddycat took a video camera and wanted to introduce all our readers to the cats there, to show how many there are, and to remind people to more

Wordfull F$£%King Wednesday.

You know, most of the time, you can trust your Daddycat to have all your best interests at heart, and to always put you on a pedestal, high above anthing else in their life.

And other times, they’ll post a picture like this of you.

I’m a Supermodel!!!

Following my incredible success the other day, modelling my new collar and tie, Daddycat thought he’d go one step further, and get me to model his cool new Kitty City Gazette T-shirt!

Unfortunately,  I wasn’t a very good model..

Well, Daddycat thinks that anyway, but I think I’m actually a very CLEVER model! I think Harley and Daisy have got it all WRONG!

Basically, I discovered quite quickly, that the more un-cooperative you are, the more treats you get! So everytime he got more