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Shadow Profiles

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but never got round to it. I was inspired by a post on Daisy The Curly Cat’s blog about cat profiles and wanted to try it out myself.

So here goes. Be careful not to scroll down too fast, as the answers are at the bottom!

Here are the three of us – Butt-head Chatzi, Teego and Freya

Of course, all three of us are very distiguishable.

But as soon more

Pet Photos Day 5


This is the final day of our pictures, so I’ll have to go back to proper blogging after this..

We tried some action shots, but it’s quite a small room, and it’s hard to get a nice background.

This is a lovely pose – he’s reaching up really hard, and his mouth is doing something funny!

I love the shadow on this – it’s funny to see how different a pose Teego is doing compared to what his shadow seems to be doing!

These more

Pet Photos Part 4


This is day 4… They put the black velvet on the floor, and waited for us cats to get in the right position. and waited. and waited…. and waited…..  Silly humans! Don’t they EVER learn????


Freya’s just passed out from all the cute.

Yesterday, My friend Tamar from I Have Cat noticed that Teego looks a little crosseyed in some pictures. It’s funny, because sometimes he looks more crosseyed, and other times he looks less crosseyed.  Crosseyedness (That *IS* a more

Pet Photos Part 3

Hi everybody! This is day 3 of our photo session – OK, there’s only 2 more days to go, and then you’ll have seen all the best pics!

This one really seems to capture the texture of Teego’s fur. the fur on his body is very different to the fur on his tail! Still, it all tastes the same when I’m nipping his butt!


The photographer said “look wistfully into the distance”. How did I do?


The photographer said “look like you’re dumb” more

Pet Photos Part 2

This is day 2 of our week of photographs from Daddycat’s friend Simon the Pet Photographer

This batch of photos look really cool with a black background. It might look like they were cut out using Photoshop, but actually, it was against a black velvet background! Doesn’t it look cool? (You can, as usual, click any picture to biggify it)

There’s one picture that shows us being fed SMOKED SALMON treets! We were really well behaved when the smoked salmon came out!

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