All about MEE!

Lobster FEAST!

Last week, Daddycat bought a lobster to try, because the supermarket was selling them cheap, and of course we were fully expecting our fair share!

While he was preparing, I decided to play a trick on daddycat – as soon as his back was turned for a moment, I jumped up and had a sniff of what he’d got out for us!

Unfortunately, it was in a hard shell, so I waited, almost patiently, for him to give more

Toesies Tuesday

You think you’re tough enough to get me down from here??   Forget it monkey boy, I got enough food to last me for HOURS!

I don’t usually talk to my daddycat like this, but I’d just come in from outside, and I’m still wearing my walking jacket, and I feel a little tough!

The dreaded scabby-nose!

Oh no!

Freya has big lumps of something on her nose!!! Is this the dreaded Bengal scabbie-nose fever she’s contracted? Or is it just some lumps of salmon from this morning that she hasn’t cleaned off, the dirty little minx!