All about MEE!

More about FOAL Farm

You remember we had a post a while ago, where dadcat took a video and filmed every cat at our local rescue home, FOAL Farm?

Well, we had a lovely email from their Bosscat, saying how much they enjoyed the film, and inviting Dadcat to go and meet some of them, and have a cup of coffee! After the coffee, he was taken to the isolation block, which is the place where the sick kitties go, and where the kittens go more

Freya got featured!

Today, I am in a GOOD mood.

Over at Wendy’s lolspot, I have the great honour of being today’s FEATURED KITTY!!!

Talk aboutĀ  a lifelong ambition coming true, she’s taken 13 pictures of me, and put her customary funny and punny captions!

I’m really amazed how she comes up with so many! I tried to think up one and sat and puzzled for aaages and ages and ages, trying to come up with just one, and then after about a minute, I saw more

I got a pressie in the mail!!

I have a new bestest friend! It’s Felicia, From Catladydiary! She sent me a present!!

It came all the way from Americaland, where a lot of my friends come from. It must be very crowded over there, if there are so many cats. Maybe some (the hunky mancats) would like to come here? I have some spare room here?

Anyway, back to my present…

Do you see the green picture on it? It’s a catfish, I think?

There were 2 things in there! more

Scabby Lip Disease??

Hi everyone!

Daddycat’s been lazy recently. He says he’s got writers block, but whenever I go for a cuddle, he’s playing some game called Grand theft Auto 4.

So now he has something to write about.

I have a little bald patch on my bottom lip. It often has little flakes of something dark on it, and we don’t thinkĀ  it’s food, (even though I AM a messy eater) as it’s only on this patch.

The flakes might be blood, but we’ve put them more