All about MEE!

A new film, starring Teego!

Hi everyone! We posted a new film today, Starring me, Teego, and I get to go on an adventure! Of course, it was all about me, but Freya and Chatzi both managed to get into my film somehow!

I hope you enjoy it!

It was made for a film competition, and as usual Daddycat left it till the last minute, and made it the afternoon before the competition! There’ll probably be a sequel, so where else should I visit?

My film is a more

Chatzi and his evil whisker

For ages, Chatzi has had this evil whisker on his head above his eye, and we finally got round to photographing it!

Update: a couple of days later, the broken bit fell off, leaving the stub. Good job we photographed it when we did!

How on earth do you break a whisker? if you find one on the floor, try and break it… They just bend, like hairs, or at worst they fold. But they’re unbreakable.

So there you have it. Chatzi can more

The Tail Positions of Bengal cats?

(Some of you will already have seen a draft of this article, as last Friday, I hit publish instead of draft! Clumsy paws!)

So…. It’s fairly common knowledge that with domestic cat body language, you can tell a lot from the position of the tail. If it’s straight upright or upright with a hook on the tip, it shows a happy and confident cat.

Well, I read something interesting about us Bengals the other day, and it got me thinking. (The Bengal more

Have you been at the butter, Chatzi?

Daddycat accidenally took his eyes off the butter for about 3 seconds yesterday, and Chatzi leapt up onto the counter and stuck his face in!

No looking around to see if it was safe, no consideration for Daddycat’s whappy Paw Of Doom, just straight in.

The funniest part was that he couldn’t lick it off! His tongue wasn’t long enough!

I offered to bite it off his nose for him, but strangely, he declined.

STOP PRESS! Freya sits within 10 feet of Chatzi!

Hi everyone! Teego here…..

I’m not sure if this is real or been photoshopped, but we have some shocking photographs to show you.

A couple of days ago, there was some ham being handed out in the kitchen, and it seems that Freya and Chatzi both sat on the bin to receive yummy ham for a number of seconds!

Of course, shortly after, there was some hissing, and some spitting, and some VERY poor potty language, (all from Freya, I’m sorry to say!) more