All about MEE!

A couple of updates… Tigers and STINKY!!

Looking at the last batch of pics, I loved the one with her mouth open, and so I thought I’d enlarge it a little. click for an even biger version – I love the way her bottom lip pulls down – looks a bit like a big cat’s mouth. (Hey, if all her kittens look like lions, I can imagine she looks like a tiger!)

Her wee problem is still ongoing. One suggestion was to put some citronella oil down more

The Wanderer!

So…. Freya went outside to explore the garden today!

She seems pretty fine on the harness, as long as we weren’t too bossy with it – at first, every time we gave a little tug on it, she’d sort of fall over backwards and lie down, but she soon got over that.

She had a good walk around the garden, pretty much jumped out of her skin every time either of us trod on a leaf or a twig, and after more

Correction on cat psychology.

You know I said that Cats don’t wee where they eat?

Well. some very naughty cats do. ok?Yesterday, we had a wee-free day, and then this morning, she blew it. Pretty much straight after breakfast, (in wee corner) she went.

Maybe she’s pleased how easy I’ve made it for her? Maybe she’s secretly a bloke cat, and just LOVES the idea of having a toilet right next to her breakfast bowl? I’ve considered it might be convenient myself in the past…

Anyway, I more

Oh dear… she gone and dun it again!

Well, on Sunday, we were out for the afternoon, and when we came back, after a short while, Anna noticed her skulking around under the desk again, and yep, she’d had a wee in the same spot again.

My instant guess is it’s a psychological issue, rather than a physical/medical one, but we’ll see. It seems that both times she’s done it, we’ve been out for 5+ hours, and she’s had a wee pretty soon after we’ve come home.

I’d read more

Stinky cat! (Hope she’s ok!)

This afternoon, we came home about 16:00 after being out since breakfast, and after about 20 mins, Freya went to the back of the desk in my office and had a wee on the carpet.

IT STINKS!!!! Much worse than her litter tray has ever smelt. It’ was an ammonia sort of smell, so I’m pretty sure it’s wee.

She’s never had an accident before, and this morning, I scooped the solids out of her litter tray and topped it off more