All about MEE!

What’s he laughing at?

There I was, minding my own business and sunbathing, when daddycat walks in and starts laughing!

I’m sure he was laughing at me??

I have no idea what the was laughing about, as there was nothing funny going on at all.

I was just sunbathing, enjoying the hotness, although the tip of my tail felt quite hot earlier….

Can you see anything funny?

I gone and dun it again

Oh dear, I’m back in Daddycat’s bad books again…

This is Daddycat’s 4 year old Spathiphyllum plant that he loves. Sorta.

However, if you look closely, you’ll notice that every single… (I don’t think I missed any of them!) new shoot has been nibbled by brave and clever little Me!!

Is there anything more comfy?

I wonder, is there ANYTHING in the WORLD more comfy than Daddycat’s lap?

(apart from mommacat’s, of course!)

I don’t like flying things

Daddycat found a little toy aeroplane, it was made of some sort of really tasty looking foamy stuff. Maybe chicken flavoured?

Knowing how athletic and bouncy I am, and how i hate any sort of flying things, silly daddycat thought he’d do a test flight, right above my head!

Now here’s the strange thing. I managed to easily pluck it out of the sky, and catch it, like the expert hunter cat that I am, but it didn’t put up much of more

Farm Kittens

When my momma and daddycats were in oop northland, They stayed in a farm. They managed to talk about cats (they don’t talk about anything else!) and the farm lady said that she had some kittens! So they got taken into the barn where the kittens were, and go to cuddle them, as they were obviously missing MY cuddles!

I’m glad I’m not a farm kitten though, They get a lot of freedom, but not many cuddles, and they have to more