All about MEE!

A very sad story

Furrends, I wanted to let you know about a terribly sad story that I read on a friends blog a while ago.

It’s about four cats, that all went mising on the same day! Hiro, Possum, Coffee and Coconut were all around and accounted for during lunch, and didn’t reappear for dinner! I think we’ve all experienced cats that stay out past their dinner occasionally, but when all four cats don’t come back, you’d have to feel a little strange. more

Unconditional love.

Of course it’s true that cats give unconditional love, and are loyal and selfless, but we’re even more loyal, selfless, and unconditionally loving when there’s treets being given away!

A new An-Teego for me!

As an expert in Antiques, I thought I’d share my latest aquisition.

It’s a genuine pram from 1946! So I’m giving it the once-over, and I have to say, it STINKS!

For a cat like me, with a super sense of smell, you can imagine what it’s like, but I still check out every part of it.

Mommacat’s buying all these antiques not just for me, but as props for a film she’s making about WWII civilian life, and as a bonus, I more

I can Has Cheezburger?


I’ve had a ton of new visitors from in the last few days….  Can anyone help me? Does anyone know why??

The referer just says they came from the home page, but I haven’t seen any new pics there? I’m excited though!!


Does my Bum look big in this?

I look like Jabba The Hut!

Talk about unflattering photos!