All about MEE!

Chatzi is a VERY naughty boy!

Here’s a question… How naughty does Chatzi have to be, until daddycat gets so annoyed that he locks the little brat outside in the catio forever??

His latest bit of “high-jinx” is chewing cables. Fortunately, they’ve always been the rubbery Apple low-voltage USB charging cables for Iphones. and Daddycat found a place on Amazon that charges only 70p each for them.

But the other day, he excelled himself!

That’s not just any charging wire, that’s the charging wire for Daddycat’s (almost) brand new more

Chatzi had a nightmare dream?

Chatzi was asleep on the back of the sofa, and Daddycat heard a funny chirrup from him.

He looked over and couldn’t believe his eyes!

Chatzi must be having a dream about the big neighbourhood Tom or something, because all the fur on his back was all floofed up!

And as suddenly as it had happened, it went down again, and Chatzi continued to sleep.