All about MEE!


I think I’ve found daddycat’s private video collection! Even worse, I think it IS *that* sort of video collection.. It seems that Daddycat has been to see Auntie Barbara, who’s a bit of an expert Abyssinian cat breeder. As he & mommacat were there, they were taken to see one of the girl-cat and man-cats there, who apparently, were meant to be “performing”….

I don’t know what sort of “performance” they were meant to see, but it definately wasn’t a song more

simple photos of Freya

Freya’s been doing very well at cuteness school this week.

She’s certainly been scoring A+ with me anyway!

Unfortunately for you readers, I got a new camera last week, so the gratuitous picture quota is going to be on the up for a while, till the novelty wears off!

Guess what I discovered in my bed this morning when I walked in? I don’t really want to be encouraging her to get under the covers, just in case I sit on the bed and more