All about MEE!

We’re in another film!

Hey everyone!

Daddycat has made another film, and we’re the stars (obviously).. It’s all about our first week together, and how we learned to be friends!

So here it is – Hope you all enjoy it!

I can has fame and fortune?

Hey buddies! We got on the front page of  I can has Cheezburger! Of course we won’t be there long, as new pictures will bump us down the list, but it’s the first time for us!

I know some of you like cutie Melvin Mouchois are well used to getting front paged, (I think I’ve seen 3!) but it’s our first taste, and Daddycat is so proud of us!

This is the permalink to our picture….

This will impress the ladycats.

I’ve been told that girlcats like long eyelashes

What on EARTH is that up your nose?

The other day, I had an itch on my nose.


I have no idea what it actually was, but it looked a little like it had antennae and a tail.

It looks like it’s speedily running up my nose to get inside and eat the marshmallow fluff that Miz Robyn says is inside my head!

(Click to biggify)

Anyway, I was very brave and let Daddycat kill it without a second thought.

Daddycat says it was a more

Love is…

You know, a few of our friends…

Harry Spotter


Miz Robyn


and Brian

Have all asked at some point, “How does your Daddycat resist you?”

Well the truth is… HE CAN’T!

We’ve lost count of the times we’ve been rudely woken up with his face buried in our fur! Of course, we can’t blame him, but he could excercise a little self control sometimes!