All about MEE!

Magical photos

Every now and then you snap an amazing photo that is just magically beautiful in so many ways.

And then you spot the toilet roll.

He’s not that funny.

He’s always laughing at his own jokes. I should tell him, he’s just not that funny!

If you can think of a funny caption, you can do one at their own page at Icanhascheezburger!…

My Gotchaday Pressies!

I’m a very lucky kitty, as I just had my gotchaday!

These are the lovely presents that my Mommacat and Daddycat got me!

My first present was this great big tube toy, that I love to play with Teego with. We run through it at top speed, and jump over it and pounce on each other when they’re not looking!

(and for all my English friends, Tesco are doing these for £9!!)

And this is my Radiator bed! This more

Happy Gotcha Day!!!

Happy gotchaday to me…

Happy gotchaday to meeee…

Happy goooootchaday dear Freyaaaaaa..

Happy gotchaday to me!

Here is me playing with one of my favourite presents – a rolled up crisp packet! (that’s chips to my American friends)

Daddycat’s got me a BIG present too, but I’m not allowed to open it till Mommacat comes tonight! I can’t wait!

Tell ya tomorrow what it is!


Love is…..

You know, sometimes it’s nice to just snuggle in each other’s arms.

We appreciate how lucky we are to have such a friendship, but still say our purrayers for less fortunate kitties. You can too!