All about MEE!

2 Cats playing Patty-Cake on Video

When I saw this, I couldn’t stop laughing, so here it is for you!

Have you heard of Caboodle Ranch?


I wanted to tell you guys about a very special place for kitties. It’s called Caboodle Ranch, and is a 30 acre site, and home to 100s of cats! It’s run by one man, Craig Grant.

There are so many fascinating stories on his website, about how he feeds so many cats, and how he has visiting vets help to look after them, it’s really an amazing story! Craig has dedicated his life to helping the cats, and I just don’t more

Pot/Kettle colour-based interaction situation?

The other day, she accused ME of invading HER personal boundaries.

So now I wish to lodge a COMPLAINT! She’s leaning on me so hard, it’s made one of my eyes go wonky! Can you see? Does that mean I’m a bit cross eyed? Nobody’s noticed it before though…  I wonder what it is?

I don’t really mind my big sisfur though, I love her very much. more

I have an addiction.

My name’s Teego, and I’m addicted to plastic bags.

Here I’ve found a plastic bag with what obviously appears to be some cat blankets, so I snuggled down to catch some zzzz’s

And then, as usual, the flashy thing comes out and everyone’s ooohing and ahhhing, and my sleep gets disturbed!

I wish I was ugly and wasn’t a ball of fur, THEN people would leave me alone!

(i’m only joking, I love being a cutie-pie!)

Personal Boundaries.

He’s not respecting mine!

I’m just sayin’…..