All about MEE!

I R The Captain.

This is my new place in the house. It’s known as “The Captain’s Chair”

I R The Captain now.

Watch out! I’m a mancat!

One of the signs of a rufty-tuffty mancat is his whisker pads.

A big strong mancat must have big whisker pads.

In this picture, I’m demonstrating how huge my whisker pads are. Look how mancatly I am!

Being a mancat is a big responsibility though. Sometimes you forget how fierce you are, so you need to be careful.

The STRANGEST eating habits.

Daddycat here.

There is such a funny routine to meall times here. They both are very excited about their dinner, and as soon as they finish, they both think they can steal eachothers!

If we don’t separate them, they’ll both eat out of the same bowl, as fast as they can.. I thought they would fight over food at least! Is there no end to these cats’ strange behaviour??

Here’s a little film a made of mealtime..

She treats me like I’m her prey!

Look! I have photographic evidence!

There I am, happily running around playing with this spider that I’ve bravely caught, and she starts chasing me!

Can you see her paw out, trying to trip me up? I’m totally blameless all the time, and this PROVES it! Anything else she says about me, like saying I jump on her when she’s asleep is a LIE!

It’s not fair, I bet Harley knows what I mean!

But at the end of the day, she IS my sister, more

I went to the vet today

Hello friends! I went to the vet today, for a “boosty jection” I have no idea what that is, but I was a brave mancat, and didn’t cry out or scratch anyone!

The best bit was, I went to Foal Farm where I was first rescued, and got to see all my old Aunties, and they REMEMBER ME!!!! (Although they still think I’m called PUDDING!)

And even better, one of them actually reads MY blog everyday! I hope she leaves me a more