All about MEE!

Progress report on Kittie World War 3

So… A week has passed, and no work has been achieved in the Freyacat household.

In general, things are looking up. Unfortunately for Freya, Chatzie was not taken by The Rapture, although co-incedentaly, his name has something to do with the Bible.

His name was made up because it was similar to a town in Bengal, and the plan was for it to be unique on the internet. (Good luck with that!) After deciding on the name, we then discovered that there more

My sister loves to play with me!

I’m such a lucky little boy! My new big sister loves to play with me!

We met again today, and she was great fun! She’d stand there, and let me stalk her, and I’d creep up on her, and then POUNCE! And she’d jump and then give me one of her loving sisterly hisses and even sometimes a love whap!!

And then she’d walk away, and I’d stalk her again, and POUNCE and she’d hiss! It’s a great game! Everyone loves to more

My big sister has BAD BREATH!

So, I was happily minding my own business in MY room, when they bring in my big sister to say hello.

She jumps down and HISSES right in my face!! It was all I could do to keep myself from passing out from the bad breath!

I didn’t move or cry though, cos I’m a big strong ruffty-tuffty mancat….

Maybe she’ll want to play tomorrow? I wonder why she left the room? Maybe she went to get some toys to bring them back more

My first meeting

Hello everybody!

Thank you for all your lovely welcomes yesterday! I thought I’d tell you about how I met my new mommacat and daddycat…

M&D got a call from the lovely people at Foal Farm Cat Rescue in Kent saying that they had one kitten available that suited what M&D were looking for… Young, Male and Confident. (that’s ME alright!) and he was a pale peach/ginger kitten.

So, the funny thing is, they were originally directed to room no.5, where there was a more