All about MEE!

Fierce Sundays

While everyone else is having lazy Sundays, I’m having a fierce Sunday.

It may look to the uninitiated, that I’m yawning, and tired, I’m actually ROARING like a real tigery cat.

I’ve even done a big closeup on my mouth to show how FIERCE I really am. You can click the picture to biggify it even more!

Scaredy Scarey Freya!


Welcome to the NEW blog!

Well, we finally did it – Daddycat’s been working day and night, (and neglecting my cuddles too) and finally finished MY blog. It belongs to ME, and everything is all miiine!!!

If there’s anything not working, of if something hasn’t been setup right, please let me know too!

Please please subscribe, using the buttons on the right -> as I haven’t got any at the moment – I don’t know if it’s possible to change my subscribers to bring them with more