All about MEE!

She doesn’t like my guitar playing!

I’ve been learning the guitar for 3 days, and it seems that Freya has an opinion on my playing ability!

When I start playing, at first, she just chirps, the same way that she does when she sees a bird outside, even in her sleep! Then, as my playing goes on (and on, and on) just look what she does about 2/3 into the video!

Now, she may be the cutest cat in all the world, but that’s just plain rude!

Every time more

New Toy MkII

ok, so the back to front carpet idea didn’t work, and I thought about buying the proper scratch post sisal string, but the cheapest I could find it online was about £30, and that seemed too much.

Then Anna and I were visiting a hop farm and they were selling hop string, £8 for about a mile of the stuff!

Later on, we spent an ecstatic 3 hours winding hop string round a heavy 2.4 meter fence post, but the good news more

Designing another new toy?

I I had an idea to make a floor to ceiling climbing post.

The ceiling is about 2.4 metres, and the fence posts that my local wood shop sold were around 2.4 metres, so bingo! My plan had a chance!

Next in the plan was to cover it in that stringy-rope stuff that scratch posts are wrapped in. I did a little calculation, and figured out, that to completely wrap the post, I’d need a little less than 90 feet of 8mm more