All about MEE!

Breathing Patterns

Daddycat took this video when we were asleep the other day.

We were both asleep, but I have short quick breaths with a pause inbetween, and little Teego has steadier breaths without a pause inbetween.

I wonder what it means? Does anyone know?

Teego the Antique-o cat!

Teego is a very NOSEY confident cat. As soon as Mommacat comes home from one of her customary antique buying trips, Teego is instantly amongst them, sniffing and nosing around.

I’m a much more sensible cat, and as soon as these scarey objects come into the house, I’m off to my safe place on top of the kitchen cupboards.

During the first three hours, Teego managed to sniff through every pot, and then sleep on both tables.

He really will sleep anywhere – more