All about MEE!

OOOH… Maine Coon!

We went on a day trip to our local Cat rescue home Foal Farm. We often go there, just to look and coo (we never cry either, oh no, not us, no never!) at all the lovely kitties there, waiting to go to their forever homes.

There’s always at least one cat there that really grabs us, and if we had some lottery money, and acres of land, they’d probably come home with us, there and then…. (Don’t tell Freya!)

Anyway, more

Mummy’s girl no more?

Freya’s always been proud and unashamed of being a Mummy’s girl.

Whenever Anna sits down, Freya is never far, and automatically jumps up to sit in her lap. She snuggles in, and kind of gloats at me, as if to say, Ha! I’m getting the cuddles round here, and you’re not!

You can see by these pictures, she knows who’s boss, and who gets first dibs on Anna’s lap, and I can assure you, it’s not me!

This week, Anna’s been away, and more

Feliway dissapointment :-(

It seems that Feliway hasn’t been the magical cure I was hoping for. Not necessarily to say anything against it, but I think Freya is just weeing, not spraying.

So far it seems only in the one place, which just happens to be in the corner of my bedroom. Now, I feel I should explain, just so you’re sure to have the complete picture. Originally, it was the garage, then it was the office, (Freya first wee’d in here when it more

Feliway result..

Of course, I could certainly be talking too soon, but she hasn’t sprayed anywhere but the litter tray so far, Maybe it’s the Feliway, maybe not. It’s a bit soon to be making proper scientific conclusions, don’t you think?

Almost every morning, I spray the 2 places where she unrinates, and that’s all I do. When I’ve sprayed (the Feliway!) my fingers are a bit wet from the spray, and it smells very alchoholy… after a few seconds the more

Wee problem, ongoing…

Freya still hasn’t got over her weeing problem.

There are 3 places she wees or to be more accurate, she “marks”.

By the front door. in the corner of a dark downstairs small room, that’s not used very often. upstairs by her litter tray.

the third one may be a bit strange, but let me explain… Whe have the litter tray upstairs on the landing, in theory so that the smells don’t fill downstairs. the landing overlooks the stairs, and a couple of times, more