All about MEE!

Home-made Perfect Litter Tray!

Daddycat’s had a stroke of genius, even if I do say so myself!

I’ve been a bit careless with my litter tray etiquette. Sometimes I stand at the back of the litterbox, and wee, and well, I’m afraid most of it goes on the wall, and then down under the carpet!

I’m sorry that I sometimes miss, but at least I always supervise the clean-up operation with a pretty face, and a spring in my step!

Anyway, Daddycat had an idea! He bought more

Cat moulting problem – SOLVED!

I’ve been moulting a lot recently, and because of my wonderful colouring, my hairs stand out on your clothes, whatever colour you’re wearing! Aren’t you lucky!

Well, daddycat has been looking everywhere for a solution, and has bought all sorts of cat hair brushes, and none of them actually get my really thick underfur out – they just brush it nice and flat, and maybe loosen it, so I can rub it all off on his bed!

So, we’ve seen these brushes more