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Progress report on Kittie World War 3

So… A week has passed, and no work has been achieved in the Freyacat household.

In general, things are looking up. Unfortunately for Freya, Chatzie was not taken by The Rapture, although co-incedentaly, his name has something to do with the Bible.

His name was made up because it was similar to a town in Bengal, and the plan was for it to be unique on the internet. (Good luck with that!) After deciding on the name, we then discovered that there more

Say hello to our new family member!

Welcome Chatzi!

I know this will have come as a bit of a surprise to you all, since we weren’t looking for a new family member, but there’s a lovely story to his arrival!

A couple of days ago, we had a phone call from our friend Lisa from FOAL farm, the rescue home where we got Teego. Daddycat volunteers there occasionally too, and they’re big fans of this blog! Lisa explained that they had a male Bengal kitten come in and more

More about FOAL Farm

You remember we had a post a while ago, where dadcat took a video and filmed every cat at our local rescue home, FOAL Farm?

Well, we had a lovely email from their Bosscat, saying how much they enjoyed the film, and inviting Dadcat to go and meet some of them, and have a cup of coffee! After the coffee, he was taken to the isolation block, which is the place where the sick kitties go, and where the kittens go more