All about MEE!

A new film about Chatzi!

Hey there! I’m a film star as well as my big brother and sister!!

Daddycat entered a film evening called “Something I’ve always wanted to do”,  for the local film club, and for his film, he’s always wanted to talk to his cat!

So I talked to him on film!

How did I do??


I wouldn’t want to be a mouse!

It seems that Chatzi is growing into a fine young mancat.

Does he have big claws? We’re not sure if we’re duped by their apparent sharpeness or these particular poses, but are they actually quite big?

His paws aren’t particularly big or anything like that though…

Another thing that looks unusual is the length of his fingers. The picture above shows this quite well! Do you think his fingers look long?

Big claws or fingers or not, theres one thing for sure.

He definitely IS more

Eyeliner for cats!

Last week, our Bengal friends at Pet Meadow made a post about Bengal cats and their eyeliner.

It got us thinking about our eyeliner too.

Of course, I wear it with pride, and it looks great on me.


Chatzi, being a Modern, Metrosexual Mancat also wears it, and I have to say, it looks good on him too…


Teego doesn’t wear it, and instead goes for the “I’m feeling a little sad, Do you think you could possibly spare me a teeny 10 seconds more

The Catio is completely finished!!

Hooray! It’s finished!!!

to see part 1

to see part 2

 to see part 3

The last thing to do was to make some catio furniture, of walkways and ramps and a rope tower, and to fit the CAT FLAP!

It’s quite a big job to put a cat flap in an 11 inch brick wall, but fortunately, we were lucky enough to have a friend, Trevorcat, who came over to fit it for us! Wasn’t that nice of him?

So here are the pictures!