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Have you heard of Caboodle Ranch?


I wanted to tell you guys about a very special place for kitties. It’s called Caboodle Ranch, and is a 30 acre site, and home to 100s of cats! It’s run by one man, Craig Grant.

There are so many fascinating stories on his website, about how he feeds so many cats, and how he has visiting vets help to look after them, it’s really an amazing story! Craig has dedicated his life to helping the cats, and I just don’t more

Mad Cats And Englishwomen – TV Show

Hi Furriends!

I saw a TV programme this morning. It was called Mad Cats and Englishwomen. (Just in case my American furriends don’t know about the title, it’ a play on the song “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun”)

I’m sorry this Blog post is a little sad, but it’s about a very important subject.

It’s a documentary contrasting the differences and similarites between the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, and a “mad cat lady” who is a kind of more