All about MEE!

Yoga Practice

As one of the winners of The Kitty Yoga Competition 2009, I’ve been in training for this year, and also helping Titchy Teego with his excercises!

He’s certainly getting the hang of it, isn’t he?

After a hard few minutes training, it’s time to relax and recuperate.

Good luck charm.

I’ve read that when a cat is holding its leg up for normal cleaning, some people apparently think it’s good luck to grab the leg whilst it is in the air.

I can’t say it would be very good luck for you if you were to grab MY leg!! I have so many teeth and claws!

Have a great weekend!



Chick-hen legs?

Whenever I start cleaning my tum-tum, everyone looks at me and shouts Chick-hen legs! Chick-hen legs!

My legs are MUCH bigger and more muscly than a chick-hen’s! I don’t know what they’re talking about!

When I say bigger and more muscly though… I don’t mean to imply they’d be jucier and more succulent though!!!


Yoga Guru!

I won an competition! Can you believe it?

I entered the 2009 Kittie Yoga competition, and amazingly, they thought my pose was one of the joint wiiners with this pose!

The lovely kitties at Tabbynormal said it was called Cat Crescent Pose and with such a lovely name like that, it sounds even better! Congratulations and headbutts to teh beautiful joint winners Siena and Ayla too!

In keeping with the Yoga and nimbleness theme, MY KITTY DANCE VIDEO is going to be released any more