All about MEE!

Amazing Free Giveaway Coming!!!

Today, we got VERY excited because a HUGE parcel arrived for us, from the lovely people at Hagen! They sent us some amazing pressies!

They want us to do a review of all their CATIT® DESIGN SENSES range, but especially exciting is that they sent us TWO of everything, so we can give one of each away to our readers in a competition! At the end of each review, we’ll tell you how to enter the competition to win a new more

Chatzi is a Cyborg Cat!

Ok, this is official! Last night Mommacat was stroking Chatzi, and she felt something under his skin…

It was hard, and definately not something like a piece of rib, or hard skin or like anything we’d ever felt before!

She told Daddycat, and they both felt around on his back trying to find it again, once he found it, Daddycat cried out “EEEEEW! GROSS! I think it’s his microchip!” And now he’s obsessed with it – everytime Chatzi comes near him, Daddycat more

Freya loves Chatzi!

Chatzi here,


Look! Freya was asleep, and I very quietly snuck up on her, and snuggled up without waking her up!

I went to sleep, and she got such a surprise when she woke up! She thought she’d been at the catnip, and made up with me or something!

As she was walking away, I nipped her back leg to make sure the remembered how much fun I was to have around!

My dear big Brother Teego looks after me more

My mommacat tastes nice!

Hi, Chatzi here!

The other day, my mommacat made us all some chicken for a treat! After she’d finished it, she claimed to have washed her hands properly.

That’s what SHE said, but I’m not so sure.

I’m just sayin’….

7 facts about us

My friend Robyn from my favourite Blog, Love and Hisses gave me an award!

It’s the irresistibly Sweet Blog Award!

We have to mention 7 random facts about us, and then pass it on, so because there’s 4 of us including Daddycat, we’re all going to share it!

I remember we’ve done something like this before, but we’re going to just answer it again and see if any of the answers are the same…



1. Daddycat’s first cat, Scampie was a Black Feral cat, more