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Review – Cat Hampurr


We got a new exciting box in the post today, from the people at Cat Hampurr.

It’s a system where you pay for a secret box of kitty goodies, either for a one-off, or a monthly subscription (which is cheaper)

Sorry there are no pictures of Freya around, but she keeps wall away when us boys are running rampant!

It came in a nice box with Cat Hampurr on it! and here’s a funny story! –

When it arrived, Daddycat was out so the more

Review – Dog Magic Puzzle Feeder by Nina Ottosson

nina ottoson dog magic bengal cat

Puzzle feeders are a big thing with us – we love to eat treats, and if we can interact with people as well as get treats, then well, everyone wins!

You see, life can get pretty boring sleeping for 18 hours a day, when you’re not feeding or cuddling us, so it’s great to get some extra stimulation from a puzzle feeder – a puzzle feeder is something where we have to solve a challenge in order to get a treat, rather more

Pet Portraits

We had a lovely e-mail just before Christmas from Kirstyn Holgate, the pet portrait painter, offering to paint a portrait of Freya!

We hadn’t had an offer like that before, and didn’t really know what to say!

Of course, it was quite difficult to find the perfect picture, as you don’t get a second chance to have a portrait painted personally, and Freya doesn’t take bad pictures, so we had to pick one out of the 1000’s of perfect Freya pictures…. (**coughcough!!**)

We more

Daddycat’s building me a Catio!

Sorry we haven’t blogged for SUCH A LONG TIME, daddycat’s been taking a break from blogging.

Because he’s SO LAZY.

Anyway, the good news, is that he’s building me a Catio. Unfortunately, I have to share it with Teego and Chatzi too.

to see part 2

to see part 3

 to see part 4

For anyone who wonders what is a Catio, it’s an outdoor cage for Cats!  And since it sounds a bit like Patio, People call it a Catio. Do people in Americaland have more

Cat Maze Competition Winner Announced!

We’ve had the draw now for the UK and the US winner of one of these fantastic Cat Maze puzzle feeders!

We videoed the draw to show that there was no favouritism, although nobody sent any bribes anyway, so we weren’t going to show any favouritism anyway!!

So first of all, this is the UK Draw:

Congratulations to GinnyM from Cumbria, UK!


And then we held the US draw.

Congratulations to Athena –

I hope you really enjoy your prizes, and it would be great more