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Review – Dog Magic Puzzle Feeder by Nina Ottosson

nina ottoson dog magic bengal cat

Puzzle feeders are a big thing with us – we love to eat treats, and if we can interact with people as well as get treats, then well, everyone wins!

You see, life can get pretty boring sleeping for 18 hours a day, when you’re not feeding or cuddling us, so it’s great to get some extra stimulation from a puzzle feeder – a puzzle feeder is something where we have to solve a challenge inĀ order to get a treat, rather more

Cats of Claw Hill Review

We watched a new Cat-related documentary this weekend, called The Cats Of Claw Hill. We were very excited to watch it when we heard about it, as cat programmes are pretty rare on UK TV. It’s on again Saturday at 4:00 and 4:30 June 19th and 26th. Cats of Claw Hill

Oh, and one other thing – please leave a comment below and let me know what YOU thought of the programme?

(sorry about the quality of the stills, I had to more