All about MEE!

I’m back from the Vets!

Ok, so I get the joke. I wasn’t going to get TUTORED after all.

But I forgive you all. I was told to take it easy and sleep off the anaestetic when I got home, but to be honest there was so many important things I had to do when I got hom, I was fully alert and running around straight away!

At least I was, in the bits when my weird sissy-fur wasn’t sniffing me!

Honestly! A little curiosity is one thing, more

Say goodbye!

On Tuesday 27th, Little Kitten Teego is going to take his first big step to mancathood.

Say goodbye to these…

Aren’t they the CUTEST little balls of fluff you’ve ever seen? I wonder if they’re full of marshmallow fluff like his head?

We’ve been told to give him no food after his 6PM meal the night before, and to drop him off at the Vet’s in the morning. Of course we’re a little nervous because it’s surgery, but I’m pretty confident it’s routine more

Wait! You mean he gets bigger?

This was never part of the deal. The titchy kitten was very cute, but you never warned me he’d get bigger!

This just isn’t fair!

I want my own bed, and he can share it with me when I’m cold, or when I need a cuddle, but apart from those times, he can SLEEP ON HIS OWN!

Look what I can do!

The other day, I learned how to make myself look HUGE and SCARTY!

I just looked at my sister, and WHOOSH – there I was! I’d never done it before – Aren’t I BIG?

I wasn’t angry or anything, although I certainly look it… I just walked over to her and started to admire my tail. Daddycat says I “did a bogbrush” (referring to my tail)

What do you call it when you do this?

Every office should have one!

New and improved!


How is Daddycat going to earn any green papers with Teego always lolloping [1] around!

If we starve, it’ll be YOUR fault, fuzzyface!

[1] I like that word!