All about MEE!

Cats manipulate owners?? Nonsense!

OH NOES!! Our secret is out! Some spies have been investigating our kittie secrets, with the help of traitor kitties too!

Spies at the University of Sussex in the UK have been doing secret testing on kitties and have discovered about the “secret purr” that we do first thing in the morning. You know – when we purr, but add a little cry into it at the same time?

Those human beans just can’t resist the magical trick purr, and always give more

Kitten season

I just had this striking revelation! I noticed, over at the cat blogosphere this morning, they had 4 cat birthdays today. in general, I think that’s a relatively high number in general. So I got to thinking, and had a look at the Cat Blogosphere Calendar and there reallyseems to be extra birthdays around the cat mating season!

You know, cats have a mating season…. I believe it’s around May to September, although that’s not to say kittens never happen outside more