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A Happy Story

I’ve noticed a lot of missing cat stories recently, which I guess, when you’re part of a worldwide community of cats, it’s a sad thing, but sort of to be expected.

Every week someone’s dearly loved furbaby goes to the Rainbow Bridge, or their pampered kittie doesn’t come home for some reason and we all feel dreadful for them, and our hearts say a little prayer that it never happens to us.

Well, I noticed this sign around my local neighbourhood about more

Purina gives 20 Pallets of food to Caboodle Ranch!

I’ve just found out that Purina, the cat food manufacturer has donated 20, yes TWENTY pallets of food and treats to Caboodle Ranch. If you’re wondering who Caboodle Ranch is, I did a story about them a while ago. If you can’t visualise how much that is, it’s pretty much a full articulated lorry or for Americans, I think it’s called a Semi trailer?

I’m really bowled over by their generosity, although to a huge company like Purina, 20 pallets is more

Dressup with Flat Skeezix!

During the Royal Wedding, we invited Flat Skeezix over to some Royal Wedding parties with us! We had a lovely time, and he behaved himself impeccably.

We’ve had great fun with Flat Skeezix, and he’s spent the last week on Daddycat’s desk. Imagine our surprise, when we caught him yesterday dressing up as Teego!

How we laughed! Cheeky little Meezer!! He’s such fun to have around!

Celebrity Friends!

This is a LOVELY story – One of our friends, Rachel from Mogs Togs, has a kittie blog and also sells Cat Collars.

When the British Prime Minister finally bowed to pressure back in February and got a cat back into No10 Downing Street, My friend Rachael at Mogs Togs sent Larry a welcome present of a couple of their lovely collars. She heard nothing further about it.

There’s been a few pictures going round this week, of Larry the more

An Interview With Homer The Blind Kittie


Homer (A cat named Homer) is a newcomer to our Blogosphere, but in the few weeks he’s been around, he’s caused quite a stir!

As soon as we first saw him, we were bowled over by his ability to cope. You only need to watch this video to be impressed! If you didn’t know he was blind, you’d never guess from watching this!

We were instant fans of cutie-pie Homer, and we asked if we could interview Homer’s more