All about MEE!

I had a bit of a fight with Chatzi

I have to make a confession, I bin a bit of a naughty girl.

Chatzi is alwas bugging me, and jumping on my back when I’m minding my own business, so I introduced him to the Whappy Paw Of Doom.

I might have been a bit too generous with the WPoD too.

I’m sorry little kitten, but you must learn to behave better in future.

Finished building the Catio

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The behaviour of the three cats is very different. Chatzi was straight in, and very confidently exploring everywhere.

Teego was quite nervous and with us sat down in there, was almost clingy, weaving in and out of our legs, although indoors, he’s the most aloof and least touchy of the three.

Freya walked in, fairly confidently, went to the far corner, and jumped straight up and climbed the mesh to the top, in more

How to build a Catio Part 2

Hi everyone! We’re getting REALLY excited now – The catio is continuing to improve!

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All that’s left now, is to do the end panel with what’s left of the mesh, and fit the door and hinges.

Oh, and cut the hole in the wall for the catflap, so we can come and go when we want!

We’re so excited – outdoors sounds like great fun!

I’m very excited abut the catio. What do you think more

Daddycat’s building me a Catio!

Sorry we haven’t blogged for SUCH A LONG TIME, daddycat’s been taking a break from blogging.

Because he’s SO LAZY.

Anyway, the good news, is that he’s building me a Catio. Unfortunately, I have to share it with Teego and Chatzi too.

to see part 2

to see part 3

 to see part 4

For anyone who wonders what is a Catio, it’s an outdoor cage for Cats!  And since it sounds a bit like Patio, People call it a Catio. Do people in Americaland have more