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We got mentioned in a proper magazine!

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Do you remember a while ago, we were interviewed by Your Cat Magazine in the UK? Your Cat magazine is the top cat magazine in the UK, so we were shocked when they called us asking for an interview!!

Well, this morning, we received a brown paper envelope in the post, and IT WAS OUR ARTICLE!!

We’d like to give a very warm welcome to anyone new that visits us from that article too! We’ll put some links at the bottom to more

Animal cruelty people caught and punished!

Back on 17th September 2010, the UK saw a shocking clip of some CCTV that showed some “people” dumping a dog by some grasslands, and then driving away, with the dog trying to follow them. The video shows the man getting out of the car with the dog, obviously excited to be going for a walk, and then you see the man running back to the car leaving the dog behind! As they drive away, you can just make out more

An IMPORTANT call for support from cat owners.

Fellow kitties, I read a very sad news article today about a poor cat called Wilbur. It seems he was happily walking around outside, when he was caught and eaten by a neighbours “pet” python that was left outside unattended.

It seems that legally, the neighbour has done nothing illegal, as pythons are NOT on the dangerous animals list, even though an adult python is capable of easily eating a person! Because the python isn’t venemous, it’s not legally considered dangerous, more