All about MEE!

Chatzi seems to be settling in just fine!

ok, here’s some evidence!

This morning, Chatzi was spotted SNUGGLING with Teego!

Of course, you can see me innocently ignoring him from over on the right…

And then this afternoon, I was tricked into actually kissing Chatzi! (I hope Loki doesn’t find out!) I was walking along, minding my own business, and he walked over and gave me a smacker on the lips! I was so shocked, I didn’t whap him or anything! I guess he can be quite nice and canĀ sometimes be more

Chatzi the all-in Wrestler!

Freya and Teego and Chatzi

I’m sorry we’ve been away for such a long time, but Daddycat has had a very seriousĀ  attack of Man-cold. It’s nothing serious, but if you’re unsure what it is, watch this video about manflu. I don’t know if manflu is known in Americaland, so any women with husbands or boyfriends should watch this so they know how to handle it if it strikes!

In addition to this he’s also had a trapped nerve in his pelvis for the last two more

Chatzi is missing a whisker!

Chatzi is missing half a whisker.

We both declare that we’re innocent! I know I’ve used the Smacky Paw-O-Doom on him a number of times, and even soft hearted Teego give him a bit of a lesson on respect for your elders, but I’ve never heard of anycat knocking half a whisker off!

And of course, he’s a smelly boy, so it couldn’t be over grooming! We never touched it!

We’ve heard about mommycats chewing off their kittens’ whiskers, more

Progress report on Kittie World War 3

So… A week has passed, and no work has been achieved in the Freyacat household.

In general, things are looking up. Unfortunately for Freya, Chatzie was not taken by The Rapture, although co-incedentaly, his name has something to do with the Bible.

His name was made up because it was similar to a town in Bengal, and the plan was for it to be unique on the internet. (Good luck with that!) After deciding on the name, we then discovered that there more

I popped down to meet my Brofur and Sisfur!

Today I was allowed to go downstairs to meet Freya and Teego for the first time outside of my guest room! Teego was very polite to me, after what happened earlier…**

**Whenever I meet Teego, I like to chase him, and jump on him, because he just stands there and takes it, like a dummy! Well, it turns out he’s not a dummy, and earlier today, he turned round and gave me the smacky paw-o-doom all around my head, and gave more