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Dumbest company of the month award goes to….

Pet Travel

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

If you want to see the offending advert, go to their website and search for “Pet Carrier For Small Animals” I won’t link to them or it, as that will boost their search ratings.



A cat carrier should have room for a cat to stand up and walk around freely. Bizzarely, The blurb for this product says it’s for rabbits, hamsters and turtles.


I’m more

Teego is fully recovered and home!!!

This afternoon we got the best call ever from Jesse Davicioni, from our favourite Vets! He’d got the results from Teego’s blood test, and EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!

For the experts out there, these were the interesting results:

BUN-V was 7.5, and the normal range is 3.6 – 10.7

Creatin-V was 74, and the normal range is 27 – 186

The only other interesting result was Teego’s blood glucose was 16.9, and the normal range is 3.9 – 8.3, but he said that it was more

Update on Teego’s Condition

Teego was rushed to the vet yesterday for eating a deadly poisonous Lilly/Oleander

Hi everybody, Thank you so so so much for your Purrs said and Grrs! I called the Animal Hospital this morning, and they said that Teego had been absolutely fine in the night.

One funny thing was, she said “Is Teego normally quite a cranky cat?” Daddycat said “NO! Teego is the calmest sweetest kitty in the world!” He will usually sit there and just take anything more

Teego was rushed to the emergency vet today!


Ok, very bad daddycat here.

This afternoon, I came home, and noticed Teego had a very funny yellow mouth, as if he’d been eating something he shouldn’t have.

To my horror I realised! He must have eaten a lilly (oleander) that I’d been given a few days earlier, but it was only a bud, and it must have opened up in the morning!

I called the Vets and they said I ought to bring him in for a check over. He seemed more

Larry the tabby causes U-Turn at heart of British Government!

Larry 10 downing street prime ministers cat to catch rats

Hi efurrybody!

I don’t usually do serious journalism, but this is a genuine scoop, that I haven’t noticed anywhere else.

Back in January, there were a few news stories going around about rats that had been spotted at No 10 Downing Street (The equivalent of The White House in England) in the background of news reports. This was a great jokey news story, and the Prime Minister’s spokesman said categorically that “there are no plans to replace Humphrey the Downing Street more