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Valentines day results

Cat on the table cloth

For Valentines Day, Daddycat decided that he’d cook a meal for Mummycat.

He went to all the trouble of putting the table out, and with a tablecloth, and knives and forks and everything.

However, I think it DOES reflect on Daddycat, that Teego, already well over a year old, has never seen a dining table or a tablecloth ever before in his life, and didn’t really know what to make of it…..

….until the Leg of Lamb arrived, and then he learned very more

Freya’s Dental Chart

When I went to the VET a few weeks ago, to have some of my tooths out, I was booked in for a follow up visit a couple of weeks afterwards for a checkup, to be sure that everything had gone well.

While I was there, my vet Kate filled out a dental chart for me, so that I could see what teeth she’d stolen, and what she’d done to the others.

So here it is! I’m not sure I understand what more

We got interviewed by a magazine!

Last week we got interviewed by Your Cat Magazine, for an article about cat bloggers.

Your cat magazine is one of the larger of the Cat Magazines in the UK now, although sadly magazines aren’t as big as they used to be, ever since this internet flash-in-the-pan came out.

We talked about how we got into blogging, and why we do it, and we talked about all the friends we’ve made over the years from blogging. He also mentioned to the journalist more

How to open a stitched litter sack

Hi there, Science Freya here again!

I’ve always wondered why litter sacks were stitched, and had this idea that there must be an easy way to open them.

So I did a little research, and discovered there is a very easy way to open them! So I’m going to show you. There are two sides to the stitching. The rough side:

And the smooth side:

Stand at the side of the sack, with the smooth side on the left, and the rough side on more

Laser Eyes!

Teego thinks he’s very clever, because he has learned how to do laser eyes!

But he’s only a baby trainee Mancat, because he can only do green laser eyes.

However, as a mature, experienced, blue-blooded Bengal cat, I know THE REAL skill at doing laser eyes.

I can do yellow laser eyes,

Or I can do red laser eyes…


I can do BOTH, red and green at the same time!!

Beat that titchy Teego!!