All about MEE!

Morning Routine

Every morning, Daddycat make my breakfast, and then He goes to work on his computer. (Does work USUALLY involve reading other kitty blogs?)

Once I finish my breakfast, this is where I go, every time.

Actually, it’s funny, because Daddycat’s arm looks like it’s almost as furry as I am, but it’s not in real life, it’s just a trick of the picture.

But then again, he’s never worried about posting embarrassing pictures of me, so I’ll get my revenge on him today.

(oh, more

A Sad Weekend

This weekend was a vary sad one. 3 blogging kitties went to The Rainbow Bridge.

You can click on the pictures to go to their moving last post.

I kept noticing Daddycat’s eyes leaking as he read each one, and he felt for their left behind familes.

This is a poem I saw on my local rescue centre, Foal Farm, that really moved me when I last saw it and I’d like to read it now, for more

Embarrassing Names

My name’s Freya. It’s a very pretty and distinguished girls name.

Freyja was the Norse Goddess of Love, Beauty and Fertility. Still appropriate, I feel….

She rode around on a chariot, pulled by kittehs! ok, not so much like me now…

Joking aside, she doesn’t look that pretty to me – she has those weird ears on the side of her head, instead of on top, and she hasn’t got any whiskers, or even a tail! Her markings are very plain, more

Cat Blogosphere bloggers around the world!

Hi, Science Freya here again!

I’ve had another idea!

How about we all log where we’re from on a big map, and then we can see if we’re actually near to one of our friends!

I’ve done a little research, and I’ve found somewhere where we can do it, and we don’t have to subscribe or login or anything. (link is after the instructions)

Here’s some basic instructions:

In the additions menu (at the top) click add marker. Then put your blog name in the Entry more