All about MEE!

Kentish Cat Society 2009 Cat Show

Yesterday, Mummycat & Dady cat went to a at show! Unfortunately, they didn’t take me, as it would be unfair on all the other cats if I went and won everything. (That’s what they told me anyway.)

There was one cat there that REALLY wanted to get out! He’d eaten his name badge twice through the bars already. I don’t think he was being mistreated or anything, as they’re very strict at cat shows, but he was very cute. I forgot more

Good Manners

Today, I thought I’d show how polite and well behaved I am..

In fact, I’m so polite and well brought up, I didn’t do anything in revenge after what he did yesterday!


Derby The Sassy Cat, had a great idea for a game for October…

It’s called Tocktober. Where you post pictures of your ‘tocks.

My Daddycat thinks he’s a comedian.

He’ll realise who the comedian is when he tries to put his slippers on tomorrow morning.

I’m just sayin’….

130 cats!

I can’t decide what to think about this video.

The Lady obviously loves cats… and it’s wonderful to see so many cats all in one go….. They seem to be all well fed…. and they appear healthy too… But it just seems weird.

But who would care for the kittehs if the mad cat lady didn’t?

The simple things

You know, some of the best things in life are the simplest.

I love snuzzling with my daddycat.