All about MEE!

Daddycat’s building me a Catio!

Sorry we haven’t blogged for SUCH A LONG TIME, daddycat’s been taking a break from blogging.

Because he’s SO LAZY.

Anyway, the good news, is that he’s building me a Catio. Unfortunately, I have to share it with Teego and Chatzi too.

to see part 2

to see part 3

 to see part 4

For anyone who wonders what is a Catio, it’s an outdoor cage for Cats!  And since it sounds a bit like Patio, People call it a Catio. Do people in Americaland have more

Fun things to do with your cat!

I’m going to do a few posts on fun things to do with your cat. Technically these are called enrichment activities, but I call them FUN!

I’m a Bengal Cat, and Bengals are very athletic, although I would dispute this. I think pesky baby brofurs are MORE athletic.

Cats are very energetic, and we are the most efficient predators on the planet, and toys that make us run around and hunt are great fun,We’re specifically built to chase and run and jump more

Warning about boxes!!

Today, I got a present! It was a box! It was a very interesting box…

So I checked it out carefully.

I looked inside, to see what was in it.

Hmmmm, Very interesting.




Whooops! How embarrasing!



Home made cat toy

Daddycat’s made me a puzzle toy. It’s an idea from one of Vicky Halls’ cat psychology books.

I quite like it! He puts a biscuit inside, and then If I can get it out with my paw, I get to eat it! It’s quite difficult to do, but I know a TRICK!  If put the whap on it, all the biscuits fly out, almost into my mouth!

Then he made the base a little  more stable, and It doesn’t work any more… more

Where’s Freya?

The other day, I was being ignored, so I wandered upstairs to go exploring. I found a cosy spot, and thought I’d test it out for sleepability!

It passed with flying colours!

Daddycat went upstairs and downstairs looking for me THREE TIMES, looking in every room for me and I WON!  He couldn’t find me for ages!

Can you see where I was hiding? (Click the picture to biggify)

Personally, I think Daddycat’s untidy room is more interesting than looking for some beautiful spotty more