All about MEE!

Freya can talk! And tell jokes!

Hi everyone!

Daddycat’s got a new toy. It’s called Crazytalk, and it does weird things with my beautful face, and my wonderful voice!

Now, I know you all know, I’m a pretty witty cat, with a GREAT sense of humour, but somehow, he’s got some footage of me saying all sorts of rubbish jokes, with a weird voice too!

How unfair is that?

No worries though.  He’ll have to sleep sometime, and then I can get my revenge!

Free toys?

I’ve just read on my friend’s blog, Love and Hisses that she’s been asked “again” to review a cat toy….

It’s a proper battery operated toy, worth $13!!! How lovely!

But…. I’ve been blogging since March 2008, and I’ve NEVER been asked to review anything. It’s not fair, I wanna be given free stuff by manufacturers to review!!!

I mean, I know I don’t have wall to wall pictures of the CUTEST KITTENS money can buy, and I don’t have pages of funny more

What happens next….

This was sent to me by Auntie Barbara & Uncle Ron, the Abyssinian Breeders…

(It’s not me, and I don’t think it’s one of their cats. I’m not even certain it’s a Bengal either, but for this article, I think we shall call the cat Freya?)


What happens next?

‘Freya’ falls in the bath Shark-fish jumps up and bites ‘Freya’ The guy holding the camera falls in the bath ‘Freya’ becomes posessed, dives into the water, has a massive crash-tackle fight and catches the shark-fish, more