All about MEE!

Mirror Image

I wonder… is it a bad thing when your reflection looks better than you do?

I like that I’ve got the mouth-open looking like a Tiger thing goin’ on here though. But really, Daddycat should be focussing on ME, not The bin!


Usually when I sneeze, I shake my head at the same time, blessing everyone near with little drops of Freya-love.

I’m not sneezing here though, I’m just making fun of how Daddycat looks when he sneezes.


I think I’ve found daddycat’s private video collection! Even worse, I think it IS *that* sort of video collection.. It seems that Daddycat has been to see Auntie Barbara, who’s a bit of an expert Abyssinian cat breeder. As he & mommacat were there, they were taken to see one of the girl-cat and man-cats there, who apparently, were meant to be “performing”….

I don’t know what sort of “performance” they were meant to see, but it definately wasn’t a song more

Nobody’s watching!

You may remember from my famous dance video, that I dance like nobody’s watching…

well, while Daddycat’s away, I also have been known to sing like nobody’s watching too! 

Daddycat thinks I look like a angelic choir girl cat, but when I sing, I just sing my heart out, and I’m FAR from an angel!

What else do you think I do when nobody’s watching?

A serious moment

Hey Friends!

This is an urgent call for help! My mom and dad are abandoning me! They’re going away for 2 weeks to scotlandshire tomorrow, and they’re leaving me behind!

They did offer to take me with them, and drop me off with Grandma-cat, 4 hours drive away, but I declined, because I don’t like car journeys… The constant meowing makes me hoarse, and I’m quite a nervous cat, and prefer to stay at my home, where I’m safe, and can sleep more