All about MEE!

Teego’s in a new blockbuster Film!

Teego cat nose closeup

Our Daddycat’s a film maker, and he made a new film.

He wanted to have us in the film, but  he didn’t ask me, and he asked the brat, Titchy Teego to be in it. At first I was offended, but then I realised why he wanted Teego and not me.

It’s because Teego is belligerent and unhelpful, and I’m beautiful and clever so I wouldn’t do for that part!

Wanna see Teego being difficult? Click below!


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Tips – how to be a good vet

When my last cat, Scampie, went to The Bridge, it was after a terrible 2 weeks of seeing a healthy fun-loving cat fade away to a thin listless bony thing.

One of the memories that sticks in my mind the most, is the way we were treated by the vet’s staff. We’d been in there pretty much every three days or more, and the staff didn’t seem to recognise us, or Scampie,  except for when they did, and she was known more

The face of God?

There are no end of stories popping up all over the internet, where someone has a piece of burnt toast that looks like the Virgin Mary, or a splat of paint that looks like Jesus.

Well I can trump all of those.

The other day, I was feeling sorry for the poor poor starving kitties that hadn’t been fed for hours and hours, so I thought I’d give them a little treat of ham to stave off the clearly impending Death by more