All about MEE!

Been away!

We’ve been away for a long weekend, and on sunday, we received a picture from our friend who’s looking after Freya, fussing and feeding her while we’re away.

Now…. Does that look like the face of a cat who’s beside herself with worry, missing her lovely Mum & Dad??

I don’t think so either…. talk about LACK of LOYALTY!!!! I’m gonna have to have a word with that cat when we get back!!!

My favourite website!

I’ve just seen this on my favourite website…www.icanhascheezburger.comcould it be a Bengal?He has a lovely spotty tum!

gratuitous photos!

I was thinking tonight while showing some friends Freya’s blog, that there just aren’t enough pictures of our little star here.

So here’s some more, for no apparent reason!….

Little Miss Determined!

**I just noticed that Anna’s already written about this story…. But mine’s got video!!! um, although it is Anna’s video!!**

The first time Freya explored the kitchen, she found a tiny hole in the floor between two cabinets. For some reason, she dived in this hole, (full of the last 30 years’ dust!) and seemed to love it.

We coaxed her out with some treats, and put a piece of wood in the hole to block it. About 5 minutes later, more

Bloomin’ scavenger!

ok, I’m beginning to feel threatened by repeatedly being outsmarted by a cat!

Anna has been bugging me for about a year to get rid of my kitchen bin – it’s one where it’s a frame, and the black bag just hangs from it. I’ve had it forever and it’s really efficient and functional. Anyway, I’ve resisted Anna’s persuasion for ages, and then Freya appears, and discovers how easily her claws rip through the plastic. So it only takes three more