All about MEE!

Happy 1st Gotcha Day, Teego!

This is one of the very first pictures of me when I arrived home 1 year ago!

This is a link to a post from 1 year ago, explaining how I was picked from the lovely Foal Farm! (Just remember, I was part of a litter that was going to be thrown in the river by a bad man!)

Thanks to KC at the Cat Blogosphere for posting my gotcha day today too!

The V-E-T doesn’t like my tooths!

Bengal cat does a big yawn

Mommacat & Daddycat have been worried about me for a few weeks now, as I keep acting like I have something stuck¬† in my teeth at the side of my mouth. Then recently, I’ve become a little more cranky with Teego (can you blame me?) and I’m afraid I’ve been hissing and growling when I get picked up too! They couldn’t ignore it any longer, so we went to see the nice man at Anderson’s Vets in Orpington. It was more

Caught in the Act – Busted!!!

Honestly, it was Freya!

I was just curled up here by the radiator, and that naughty girl snuck past me, shredded the paper towel, and then ran off and pretended to sleep.

How could you accuse this beeeyootiful face of innocence???

By the way, regarding Yesterday’s post – I was framed! I wasn’t weeing like a human, I was pooping,¬† but daddycat removed the poop, “because it made me look funnier that way”.

Pah. I’m still the poop maker round here, Daddycat, and I more

He spends too much time with his Daddycat!

He’s such a mancat now!

I don’t think he knows the difference between a litter tray and a urinal!