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A Sad Weekend

This weekend was a vary sad one. 3 blogging kitties went to The Rainbow Bridge.

You can click on the pictures to go to their moving last post.

I kept noticing Daddycat’s eyes leaking as he read each one, and he felt for their left behind familes.

This is a poem I saw on my local rescue centre, Foal Farm, that really moved me when I last saw it and I’d like to read it now, for more

An IMPORTANT call for support from cat owners.

Fellow kitties, I read a very sad news article today about a poor cat called Wilbur. It seems he was happily walking around outside, when he was caught and eaten by a neighbours “pet” python that was left outside unattended.

It seems that legally, the neighbour has done nothing illegal, as pythons are NOT on the dangerous animals list, even though an adult python is capable of easily eating a person! Because the python isn’t venemous, it’s not legally considered dangerous, more