All about MEE!

Teego 3 – Mice 0


Teego really seems to have got addicted to mousehunting! The other morning, Daddycat said to Mommacat that he’d noticed Teego sitting motionless in the Catio for about an hour that morning. Cats are actually ambush hunters, so this is exactly what they’re designed to do. They’re happy sitting motionless for ages, untill their prey happily walks in front of them and then WHAM!! They’ve caught their dinner.

Having described this to Mommacat, he went downstairs and suddenly shreiked – “Teegos got more

Kentish Cat Society 2009 Cat Show

Yesterday, Mummycat & Dady cat went to a at show! Unfortunately, they didn’t take me, as it would be unfair on all the other cats if I went and won everything. (That’s what they told me anyway.)

There was one cat there that REALLY wanted to get out! He’d eaten his name badge twice through the bars already. I don’t think he was being mistreated or anything, as they’re very strict at cat shows, but he was very cute. I forgot more

130 cats!

I can’t decide what to think about this video.

The Lady obviously loves cats… and it’s wonderful to see so many cats all in one go….. They seem to be all well fed…. and they appear healthy too… But it just seems weird.

But who would care for the kittehs if the mad cat lady didn’t?

3 Cats, 1 Steak

This is a fairly new video, so I might be the first to post about it!

I love how the left cat is saying “I WANT IT!” and the right cat is like “I WANT IT!” and the middle cat, who in this instance, we’ll call Freya, is saying, “NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM”

I wonder if I can has steak tonight too?

Of course, it’s not actually me, I’d have been too frightened of a piece of steak!

Our local cat shelter, FOAL Farm

Yesterday, Mommycat and Dadcat went to FOAL farm – it’s our local animal sanctuary. FOAL stands for Friends of Animals League. FOAL is a no-kill shelter (I think they all are in England?) It was started in 1960, and occupies 26 acres! They also do goggies and wabbets, but I’m not interested in them…

Daddycat took a video camera and wanted to introduce all our readers to the cats there, to show how many there are, and to remind people to more