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Review – Dog Magic Puzzle Feeder by Nina Ottosson

nina ottoson dog magic bengal cat

Puzzle feeders are a big thing with us – we love to eat treats, and if we can interact with people as well as get treats, then well, everyone wins!

You see, life can get pretty boring sleeping for 18 hours a day, when you’re not feeding or cuddling us, so it’s great to get some extra stimulation from a puzzle feeder – a puzzle feeder is something where we have to solve a challenge in¬†order to get a treat, rather more

A New Cat Behaviour Film!

introduce bengal kitten to cat


Daddycat’s finished his new cat bahaviour film!

When ¬†Teego arrived, Daddycat made an amazingly successful cat behaviour film documenting Teego and Freya’s first week. Having done that, when Chatzi arrived, he took NINE HOURS of footage of Chatzi’s introduction, just in case!

So finally we’ve made episode1 of the second day of the introduction, with commentary on what’s going on.

We really hope you like it – if you do, please share it on Facebook or whatever with your friends!

Shadow Profiles

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but never got round to it. I was inspired by a post on Daisy The Curly Cat’s blog about cat profiles and wanted to try it out myself.

So here goes. Be careful not to scroll down too fast, as the answers are at the bottom!

Here are the three of us – Butt-head Chatzi, Teego and Freya

Of course, all three of us are very distiguishable.

But as soon more

Teego’s all ok and well again.

Dearest friends, I’m so sorry I haven’t posted a response for so long to let you all know that Teego’s ok.

Teego came home after 4 days at the veterinarian, and had a couple of war-wounds to boast about. Of course Bratzi Chatzi greeted him by sticking his nose straight up Teego’s bum! Where’s his dignity????

Teego has a bald patch on his neck from where they took samples of his blood

And he also had a bald patch on his forearm… It more

Teego goes to the emergency vet AGAIN!

It’s all about Teego at the moment… Our facebook friends will already know about this, but Sunday morning, Teego was taken to the emergency vet because we were concerned about his squatting and vomiting the day before. (it was a week or so after the mouse incedent, in case you were thinking that!)

This has happened a while ago too, and it wasn’t a blocked penis, but turned out to be an infection of FLUTD. To our shock this time, more