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Teego 3 – Mice 0


Teego really seems to have got addicted to mousehunting! The other morning, Daddycat said to Mommacat that he’d noticed Teego sitting motionless in the Catio for about an hour that morning. Cats are actually ambush hunters, so this is exactly what they’re designed to do. They’re happy sitting motionless for ages, untill their prey happily walks in front of them and then WHAM!! They’ve caught their dinner.

Having described this to Mommacat, he went downstairs and suddenly shreiked – “Teegos got more

Teego is the king of the mousehunters!

teego cat catches mouse-11

Last week, we noticed Teego was very intently looking under the rocking chair….

This strange behaviour went on for *even* longer than usual, so Daddycat took a look under there to see what was so exciting……

…and was VERY surprised to see a pair of tiny little mousey eyes looking back at him!

(We have NO IDEA what the thing at the bottom left is, but it’s not what it looks like, whatever that is.)

We can only assume that Teego had brought Mr more

Welcome back to us!!

Dearest Furrends,

We are REALLY sorry we’ve been away for so long, and the reason is entirely DADDYCAT’s FAULT.

Maybe we should be a bit more gentle and respectful, but hey why bother? He loves us so much he’d never punish us whatever we did!

Anyway he’s entirely to blame, and just wanted a break from blogging for a short while, and then the break got longer and longer, and then finally, our dear friendĀ  Val commented and kicked Daddycat’s butt to get more

Teego passed his test at the vets today!

The day after Teego’s failed urine sample, Teego was booked to go to the vets first thing in the morning, ideally with a FULL bladder, to make it easy for the vet to steal some of his wee! We were under strict instructions to try not to let him wee before his appointment. That morning, Mommacat was in the kitchen, and out of the corner of her eye, noticed Teego getting into the litter tray! Now, it’s not like you can chase more

Chicken liver raw food treat!

We had an unexpected treat a while ago! We have a friend who is a famous Chef – Chef Annie from Annie’s Supper Club. I guess she was cooking something chickeny, and although she didn’t offer to share any with us, she did come round with a tub of CHICKEN LIVERS!!!

I’m guessing that her guests didn’t get any lovley chicken livers, and just got the leftovers like the breast and leg! hah! They have no idea!

I think Daddycat must have more