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Highly Trained Obedient Bengal

bengal cat steals food

Today I want to show you how well behaved Chatzi is.

Well, when I say well behaved, I mean well trained. He’s still as naughty as a bag of Badgers, but when he’s caught and told to do something, he does *exactly* as he’s told.

We made a film about his fantastic behaviour. The other day, Daddycat was in the kitchen, making something with our favourite, Salmon, and the naughty kitten jumped up and stole some of the Salmon!

This is what happened more

A New Cat Behaviour Film!

introduce bengal kitten to cat


Daddycat’s finished his new cat bahaviour film!

When ┬áTeego arrived, Daddycat made an amazingly successful cat behaviour film documenting Teego and Freya’s first week. Having done that, when Chatzi arrived, he took NINE HOURS of footage of Chatzi’s introduction, just in case!

So finally we’ve made episode1 of the second day of the introduction, with commentary on what’s going on.

We really hope you like it – if you do, please share it on Facebook or whatever with your friends!

Cats love water!

bengal cat in water

Well, maybe they love to drink water!

Chatzi loves to splash his drinking water! At first, we gave Chatzi a normal kitty drinking bowl, and he has such a strange way to drink, that he would always knock it over and spill all the water without getting to drink any!

So now, he has his own swimming pool in the bathroom, and he can splash all he likes. He doesn’t seem to be splashing for fun – it’s like he’s trying to more

Shadow Profiles

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, but never got round to it. I was inspired by a post on Daisy The Curly Cat’s blog about cat profiles and wanted to try it out myself.

So here goes. Be careful not to scroll down too fast, as the answers are at the bottom!

Here are the three of us – Butt-head Chatzi, Teego and Freya

Of course, all three of us are very distiguishable.

But as soon more

Chatzi wants to be a Snow Leopard

We had some snow this year, and Chatzi went out to investigate.

Surprisingly, he didn’t seem at all phased by the covering of white stuff everywhere, and just acted as if it’s always like that!

On the positive side though, the whiteness really brings out his colouring, doesn’t it?