All about MEE!

Welcome back to us!!

Dearest Furrends,

We are REALLY sorry we’ve been away for so long, and the reason is entirely DADDYCAT’s FAULT.

Maybe we should be a bit more gentle and respectful, but hey why bother? He loves us so much he’d never punish us whatever we did!

Anyway he’s entirely to blame, and just wanted a break from blogging for a short while, and then the break got longer and longer, and then finally, our dear friendĀ  Val commented and kicked Daddycat’s butt to get more

Chatzi is a VERY naughty boy!

Here’s a question… How naughty does Chatzi have to be, until daddycat gets so annoyed that he locks the little brat outside in the catio forever??

His latest bit of “high-jinx” is chewing cables. Fortunately, they’ve always been the rubbery Apple low-voltage USB charging cables for Iphones. and Daddycat found a place on Amazon that charges only 70p each for them.

But the other day, he excelled himself!

That’s not just any charging wire, that’s the charging wire for Daddycat’s (almost) brand new more

Chatzi had a nightmare dream?

Chatzi was asleep on the back of the sofa, and Daddycat heard a funny chirrup from him.

He looked over and couldn’t believe his eyes!

Chatzi must be having a dream about the big neighbourhood Tom or something, because all the fur on his back was all floofed up!

And as suddenly as it had happened, it went down again, and Chatzi continued to sleep.

Chicken liver raw food treat!

We had an unexpected treat a while ago! We have a friend who is a famous Chef – Chef Annie from Annie’s Supper Club. I guess she was cooking something chickeny, and although she didn’t offer to share any with us, she did come round with a tub of CHICKEN LIVERS!!!

I’m guessing that her guests didn’t get any lovley chicken livers, and just got the leftovers like the breast and leg! hah! They have no idea!

I think Daddycat must have more

Chatzi and his evil whisker

For ages, Chatzi has had this evil whisker on his head above his eye, and we finally got round to photographing it!

Update: a couple of days later, the broken bit fell off, leaving the stub. Good job we photographed it when we did!

How on earth do you break a whisker? if you find one on the floor, try and break it… They just bend, like hairs, or at worst they fold. But they’re unbreakable.

So there you have it. Chatzi can more